Train wherever you want

The freedom to train wherever you want.

The way in which we interact, work and manage our tasks has changed: our bank accounts, our purchases...

Today you can do your shopping while you're traveling and have it waiting for you when you get home... and then why not train where and when you want?

The "tomorrow I start" are over

If you are part of that large group of people who join the gym and despite their good intentions, the daily tasks and the dizzying pace of life prevent them from continuing to attend.

Perhaps you are one of those who prefers a training session outdoors, going out and oxygenating for a few minutes a day, or you are determined to take advantage of that space in your home and include your training routine in those free minutes, perfect for getting your body in shape but that are not enough for commuting and traffic lights, you can stop looking, here we have the solution.

Train at home, train in the mountains, on the beach, in the park below your house or in the hotel where you stay, train in those 5 minutes between meetings, before catching a plane or while waiting for the cake is made. Train WHERE, WHEN and HOW you want.

One of the premises of Murtra Sport is to facilitate the practice of physical exercise to all those who want to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. We want that important part, taking care of your body and mind, to be an easy and attainable task. Therefore, all our products are portable. You can take them wherever you want and start your routine comfortably and quickly.

Another feature of Murtra Sport products is that, if your training session has been one of those that make you come home covered in mud, you can put your equipment in the washing machine and enjoy it again the next day.

On our website you will find the content you need to be able to train with us whenever and wherever you want. Our professional trainers have prepared a series of exercises, in which they teach you how to work with Murtra Sport and what exercises you can include in your training routines.

Our kits , bands and accessories are designed so that you never stop.

Easy, right? Now the difficult thing will be to find an excuse not to train.