Functional training

Do you know functional training?

Surely you have heard of this type of training and you may have even practiced it. But it is also possible that you do not have the concepts completely clear.

Let's fix it.

The term "functional" may sound like something new to you, but nothing could be further from the truth, we have been practicing this type of exercise for many years.

Functional training is based on performing routines with exercises that adapt to the natural movements of the body and work globally on muscle groups. In other words, train with a purpose, that our practice has a utility.

This training allows you to include several muscle groups thanks to very complete and effective exercises.

We make a quick analysis so that you know what benefits you will obtain with this practice:

  • We can adapt the training according to the physical conditions of each person.
  • The movements that we carry out in our daily lives involve more than one muscle, just like functional training, so we will see our mobility improve and we will feel more agile.
  • We will also work on coordination.
  • We will improve postural hygiene.
  • We will increase our strength.

Now that we have the basics clear, here are some of the most popular functional exercises:



Push Ups (Flexions)


With our Kits and Resistance Bands you can recreate a true functional training at home (or wherever you prefer).

If you want to know how to carry out these exercises with Murtra Sport, our trainers will teach you how .

What else do you need? Motivation and lots of hydration!