Resisted training

If you have taken a tour of our website, you have surely read the concept “resisted” several times. Why? What benefits can this training bring us? How to practice it?
The objective of this type of training is to add resistance in the execution of your exercise routines. Explained it may sound very technical but the concept is simple. Our trainers teach you:
In this video, our trainer Carlos teaches us how to perform a 2 meter Chest press with a Resistance Band, an exercise that enhances strength and in which we introduce an element that will add resistance to the practice, the resistance band. , and with which we will work on stability and range of motion.
Resistance bands are the most effective option to work the whole body and increase power and muscle mass. With them you can program very dynamic routines since you can create routines with a lot of exercises.
Resistance training also improves horizontal reaction force, endurance, and balance:
Resistance training for sprints and running seek greater activation by adding an overload or resistance. With this training we will improve acceleration and maximum speed.
If you have a routine in mind, we can surely help you: go to our exercise page and choose the ones that best suit your idea. The last step will be to decide how many repetitions of the exercise you want to do and in how many series.
Don't forget that one of the characteristics of our kits and resistance bands is that you can take them anywhere as they take up very little space. Go out and train wherever you want or take advantage of those free moments during the day to train a little. And if you do, don't forget to join the #MurtraSport community.